As leading executive search correspondents for over fifteen years, Marchese & Associates has strategically located their offices and expert staff to connect you with the nation's top candidates anywhere in the U.S.

Marchese & Associates utilizes exclusive and proven search strategies to match your unique requirements with the nation's best candidates.

We're known for exceeding our client's goals and expectations. Our recent search effort resulted in the employment of 25 people for a single company within a two month period!

And, Marchese & Associates helped put together the top marketing group in the country.

We know you are trying to strengthen your firm by building a top performing team. At Marchese & Associates, we know how to make this process swift, efficient and one that will result in your selecting the best person.

Conducting a search is, without a doubt, the single most important investment a company will make on a regular basis.

How will you solicit candidates? Do you rely on personal and corporate contacts? Do you advertise? If so, in what publications? Who should do the pre-screening and fact gathering? Can you reach the candidate you want directly from the competitor? Is it cost effective for you to be involved in the initial screening of candidates? Do you want to go through piles of resumes? Isn't your time better spent producing revenue or spending time with family?

Marchese & Associates knows the dynamics involved in the search process. Let us handle these details for you.

Contact Marchese & Associates today!

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